Case Studies

Case Studies

Naomi; 2 children under 5, Age: 25

Before meeting the Employment Team this lady had been out of work for four years due to having her children. She had only 9 months experience on her CV working within a hotel catering environment.

The Team helped her develop her CV, confidence and negotiated with the DWP about her childcare arrangements so she could attend a twelve week course to achieve a food hygiene certificate. She is thoroughly enjoying it so far. The Team helped her apply for jobs and look at different sectors and since referred her for a placement with a guaranteed job at the end of it.

Michael; single, Age: 32

Before meeting the Employment Team this man had been caring for a sick family member for the past year and a half. He was depressed and had no confidence. He had had various experiences within different environments but nothing stable or he enjoyed. He decided to build on these experiences and to explore the option of voluntary work.

The Team helped develop his CV further, helped him look at career options and understanding of opportunities. The Team referred him to the Volunteer Centre to get more knowledge of the different sector in which he could volunteer. He is currently in the process of applying for two very suitable roles.

Angela; living with partner and her child, Age: 34

Before meeting the Employment Team this lady had been suffering from agoraphobia for almost twenty years and never worked anywhere for longer than a month.

The Team helped develop and build her CV, confidence and understanding of job markets and what roles she could do. She has started and completed IT courses and attended interviews with our support. She has also secured a voluntary placement within mental health.

Joseph; single, has a 14 year old daughter, Age: 35

Before meeting the Employment Team this man had been in and out of prison for 16 years. After gaining some qualifications in prison he decided he no longer wanted to be involved in crime. He had never worked. He was also homeless.

The Team helped develop his CV and confidence. We referred him to Leeds College of Building to sign up to a gas engineering course. He has now successfully gained a place on this course and has also managed gain a work experience placement which will allow him to become a successful gas engineer. The Team also advised him on how to bid for properties and he will hopefully move in to a property in the very near future.